The cause of freedom is not the cause of a race or sect, a party or a class -
It is the cause of humankind, the very birthright of humanity.
Anna Julia Copper

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Freedom for Dummies




Welcome America, to the Free Radical Press web site.

My name is James Steven Hall and this is my site. I am a US Army veteran and served in USAR INSCOM from 1980-1984.


In 1979 it was Jimmy Carter who threatened our security. In 2009 it is Barack Obama, because when your President is weak, the world challenges him and our troops end up paying.


I am politically conservative while at the same time personally moderate.


To preserve Liberty we have to remain true to the conservative principles our nation was founded upon. Those being a servant government instead of serving government… Federalism instead of Nationalism… Democracy under a Representative Republic instead of Socialism or Fascism.


These are pretty big concepts to digest. They’re bigger than myself which comes to the point of the matter… the point of this site. You might call it ‘Freedom for Dummies’.


Because if you don’t understand then you can’t understand why you can’t afford not to understand what it is you are losing when you purchase entitlements with a currency of liberty.


When a politician promotes a new entitlement program, government grant, or bail out, what they really are saying is that they want to exchange a handout for some more of your individual freedom, or sovereignty. We have sold too much of it already.


Your brain needs to consume and digest these thoughts. All ‘Free Radical Press’ articles will be available from the archives of this site. My word is my truth and my bond. Any idea presented on this site belongs to you and you shall have it at no cost to you. If you can’t down load it, we will send it to you simply for asking.


All articles will be short and concepts simple. This is my word to you.


We are in a war my fellow Americans, a war to defend Liberty. War has casualties, but our goal is to kill Socialism in America and let the casualties come from their camp instead of ours.


 I hereby openly invite the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Local law enforcement to enjoy full and open access to my files, my contacts and any form of communications I have.


If you are an entity… never contact me directly, because you will be exposed. Instead, I will connect with you as a broadcast so that you will never be compromised.


As I said America, this is war. I didn’t start it… the Socialist left did and they shall pay dearly and accordingly. I need someone to start a redundant site to ensure the integrity of the message in the event of my absence.


I said upon enlistment that I would die for you. The question remains… are you willing to die for yourself?