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Somehow "I told you so" just doesn't seem  to say it...

 Reported 06/10/2018 on One America News Network Senator Lindsey Graham stated that he doesn't think most Americans agree with free trade and GLOBALISM like he himself, Senator John McCain and other GOP Senators do.

 Here's a little hint Senator... if you believe in GLOBALISM you are a PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRAT and NOT a CONSERVATIVE, CAPITALIST or INDEPENDENT.

 That's sort of the crux of what others like myself have been trying to explain to everyone, yourself included!

 So now that you are reflecting on who and what you are at America's peril, here's a link to an article that will help.

Sheep's Clothing (political spectrum)



 or have largely suspended any social interactive activities there.

 Google, Facebook and Twitter's social media's shadow-ban policy places non-liberal ideas in a soundproof booth so they can't be spread throughout the 'Twitter experience'.

  Subjecting mediation and arbitration to the fairness of the Southern Poverty Law Center is an atrocious leftist joke, but these are the terms you accept when agreeing to use Google, Facebook or Twitter.

 I do NOT accept SPLC arbitration. Such coercion should be subject to antitrust legislation and mandate a break up of these monopolies that impose national policy without consent of the people's representation.

 That means if the national political argument reaches a boiling point and tensions escalate, only progressives will have an effective communications platform at their disposal and non-progressives were largely responsible for financing it through their acquiescence and continued patronage.

 The crony-capitalist globalists and media structure will turn off the tap of conservative information flow in a heartbeat and without blinking an eye.

 There is desperate need for patronage to migrate to a more independent platform and for such platforms to police their integrity to prohibit progressive socialist chaos bots from destroying the neighborhood there with amplified hate speech and immorality.

 Some links are non-political. Anonymous blogs are not supported and most links are external and non-sponsored with more than one source provided where possible.

 Liberal tendencies to shame discredit and name call will enjoy absolutely zero influence upon the free ideas provided here. Progressives, Deep State, Jihadists and Globalists... we are coming to expose you. Get used to it.