Coffee-house entertainment for ‘You’

If you want affordable live music for your business or event, that you can be comfortable with, I look forward to working with you. My name is Steve.

Welcome to Camas Winds Music.

live music / open mic

As a solo artist, I perform original and cover songs (other peoples music), with acoustic guitars. Perhaps you’d like to expand the set with a sweet ‘open mic’ experience. Musicians and vocalists always welcome.

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pro sound / record

The mix is clean the ambience amazing your open mic performance can be recorded. Maybe you need a quick demo or a ‘sound guy’ to run your music. Either way, this set will reflect well on you. It’s a promise.

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settings / locale

Wine bars, coffee houses, bars & car shows, retirement communities, wedding receptions, charity events and other gatherings. Serving Eastern Washington. Travel costs begin beyond fifty miles.

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rules and rates

Legal stuff to keep the suits happy and current set prices.

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The latest inspirational offerings by Shall.


free radical press

What in the world is on the mind of Crazy Uncle Steve?


All about the music

What I do is I bring music to life. It’s a mix of several genres really… acoustic folk pop rock country jazz and blues, over a hundred great songs, over four hours of non-stop music. The list still grows

  I call it coffee-house music because that best describes it, but I frequently play outside. Spring Summer and Fall you might find me playing at Howard Amon Park in Richland, Washington. Just follow the music and you can find me. Songs are often captured on smart-phone video. Perhaps I'm a star! lol

  Friends and new friends stop by to deliver a song or two. Curious children with wondrous eyes reach for the strings as their parents gasp. “It’s ok” I tell them… “babes can’t pull on the strings any harder than I do.” I show them how to strum, then I bar several chords and magically, they are making music. Some of them are budding shredders.

  I think God meant music for children and oft times children we become when we listen.

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