Coffee-house style entertainment

Live comfortable acoustic - for when a little less is more

by appointment only - Camas Winds Music

live music / open mic

A solo artist, I perform original and cover songs (other peoples music), with acoustic guitars

pro sound / record

The mix is clean the ambience amazing your demo performance can be recorded

settings / locale

Wine bars, coffee houses, retirement communities, receptions, charity events and other gatherings.

rules and rates

Legal stuff to keep the suits happy.

mumbo jumbo

free range poet

The latest offerings by Shall.


free radical press

Crazy Uncle Steve


All about the music

I bring music to life

It’s a mix of several genres… acoustic folk pop rock country jazz and blues

I call it coffee-house music because that best describes it, but I frequently play outside

Friends stop by to deliver a song

Curious children with wondrous eyes reach for the strings as their parents gasp

“It’s ok” I tell them… “babes can’t pull on the strings any harder than I do”

I show them how to strum, then bar several chords and magically, they are making music. Some are budding shredders

God meant music for children and oft times children we become when we listen

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