About Us

I play music because I have to, just to get the Eebangy space monkeys to stop screaming in my head.

 Please forget that you just read that. The monkeys are from planet Ythodore (pronounced Ethodore) and they mostly just feed on the raisin ants. The munching distracts me.

Now that you might have determined that I am compulsively serious, please allow me to say hello.

Hello, my name is James Steven Hall, sometimes Steve, sometimes Steven, sometimes James, sometimes Shall, sometimes Crazy Uncle Steve. We are one, that is to say we are all the same, at least that is the conscious awareness we assume to be true.

 I was born in 1957. I don’t recall much about that year. I began playing guitar around 1971. Wrote my first song around 1974. Started playing out publicly in 1999 with about seven songs. I play a lot more today.

Music is my passion, one of my obsessions and my sanctuary, which is why I have to play. That part is true. All the monkey business is not.

 ‘Insanity is wasted on the truly insane who are unaware of it.’ Were you aware of this?.

 Do I seem seriously stable to you? This is not a test about me, it’s a test about you. Will you pass? The jury has not returned. That’s normal.

 Perhaps I am simply soliciting empathy. Perhaps my disclosure is the solicitation. What can I gain for it? Do you trust me? Fool! I will attend this conversation at some level.

 Is there anything else you want to know ‘about us’?

 I write, that’s what I do.

Did I get to you?

 .sey si rewsna eht eciwt siht dear uoy fI

Ok I had a bit of fun here. Seemed like the best place for it. I hope you will enjoy your stay while you are here.

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