1.5 miles OTY swim/kayak

3rd swim of the year today. Each 1/2 swim is followed by a 1/2 mile kayak run over the same course.

Second two swims I had to wade past the rip current, or stay there and swim in the same place until the dams close. I try to get past for a minute or two, but if I’m still in the same place, or worse, losing ground then it’s time to move past the rip.

For fun and to demonstrate for land lovers, I try to swim up stream against the main current, going down stream the whole time. The point being, if you get swept away by the current, ride it down stream and walk back. You can die trying to beat the main current.

Summer begins 2017

The summer rush is on for HVAC maintenance and I have not been able to complete my day with time to swim, or play music in Howard Amon park. I’ll be there as soon as I can.

About RSS feeds and Smartphones

If your smartphone is having trouble with our RSS feed link, it’s because your phone doesn’t know what to do with it. Happened to me it could happen to you. After I downloaded and installed an RSS feed reader app, I had to enter the link manually. So here is the link. If you need it just copy and paste it. You may have to view it through your RSS feed app.



Lost my ‘o’ key

Something got stuck beneath my ‘o’ key and there was no putting the key back on. Just a little white bump remains. It’s all very back woods, a bit like me. Perhaps I should put up an ‘O-fund-me page’.

Other than that the HughesNet Gen5 satellite is up and running. Wondershare Filmora video software has been added which means the YouTube channel will soon host videos for the CWM Demo clips. See Demo page for playlist.


Two songs and a pic added today

The set list on the ‘Services’ page has two songs added. I created a stand to stabilize the Tascam TDR-05 recorder. All it took was a storage bracket, two washers, one bolt, one nut (not counting the project manager). The new pic of the recorder and stand is up now in the ‘Gallery’.

Classiness is classic

A black man in Fresno California killed three white people yesterday. He was a stupid bigot. They come in all colors. There was a white one in Charleston South Carolina in a church. We will do better to distinguish ourselves based on character instead of race. These two men were responsible for their actions. These two races were not.

Racism is a phobia. Phobia basically means fear of and you simply can’t trust a coward. Cowards run in packs like coyotes. If they grow beyond their fear they are redeemable. It is ok to be fearful of cowards. It is not ok to become a coward because of it. The strong tree stands alone. Look for lighthouses in diversity to help you see.

I think it would be boring if all peanut M&Ms were the same color. Why should the rest of us nuts be any different? God gave us grace and each other. We are all we’ve got. So let us please seek brotherhood over separation.

Court’s jester

We are awaiting Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s action to seek an injunction against the cruise missile strike on Shayrat air base in Syria. It’s nice that Hawaii and King County Washington have agreed to accept virtually all refugees from war torn countries. I’m sure it will be a striking cultural mix when Sharia meets alternative. The 405 bypasses Seattle.

It just makes sense

I believe there should be a thirty day waiting period and a complete background check on anyone stealing a car. The same policy should cover the purchase or theft of kitchen utensils. Never mind that the criminal will likely not fill out the paperwork.