Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most common questions I am asked when I play music at Howard Amon Park in Richland, Washington is…

 Q. Do you play here often and do you live here?

A. I live about 35 miles Northwest of Spokane, Washington in the Camas Valley nestled in the Huckleberry mountains. My contracting and consulting work schedule brings me to the Tri Cities five days a month. I try to play the park at least one day per visit, weather permitting. My schedule is downloadable as a PDF file here.

HE calendar 2017

Q. Why?

A. The short answer is that I practice my set in the park. The long answer is that my church exists wherever I go and all of the time. I share the blessings God gives me, music life and connection with everyone I meet there and quite often they share their blessings with me.

Q. Do you have to have a permit to play here?

A. I tried, but the insurance requirements were too expensive, so I follow the park rules like everyone else. 1. The music must not impose on other people’s enjoyment 75 feet away. 1. If two people from separate groups complain, I have to shut down. Additionally, I respect other events and coordinate my set so it doesn’t interfere with their event.

Q. Do you allow others to play.

A. Yes, if someone wants to play, I try to accommodate and sometimes accompany them with the strict condition of no profanity or intoxication. Music on my set must be suitable for young children (respect small ears). Any public misconduct threatens the music set and enjoyment for everyone.

Q. Do you play for tips?

A. I put up a tip jar, so people don’t have to wonder where to put their tips. While tips aren’t expected at all, they are appreciated so thank you for your kindness and affirmation of the music.