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Please consider the following distinctions, for those of you who hear words like Conservative Liberal Progressive Capitalist Nationalist Internationalist Globalist Communist Socialist Marxist and it all sounds like "math"...

Distinction one:

For government it boils down to two camps, the more government camp and the less government camp. You are in one camp or the other and accountable as such.

Distinction two:

For faith it boils down to two camps, the faith in God camp and the faith in man camp that worships money wealth and fame. The latter is the camp of "false idols" the most predominant god of which is Baal.  You are in one camp or the other and accountable.

Distinction three:

For 'Left' and 'Right' a link on this site describes the political spectrum as a clock face with hours representing degrees and after that an external link provides the most comprehensive review I have found and explains 'national' vs 'international' socialism and a keen observation of US and European differences on such matters.

These links although dated are great places to get a headstart.

Clock face spectrum

Left vs Right explained


Behind the scenes

Working to excite chaos between peoples, cultures and religions in quest for Godless global totalitarianism.

Political correctness, social justice, gun control, thought police all tools, religion, culture, race and sovereignty all puppets of a play. Shiny objects to distract... to hide the forest for the trees.

You are encouraged to draw your own conclusions and expand your quest for answers to find your comfort level. These links are provided to provoke your own thoughts.

There will be more to come. Suggested links will be considered. Free Radical Press says 'trust nothing and use your own judgment'