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Duration: A standard set solo set runs at least two hours and can extend to about four hours with few or no songs repeated. It can be combined with an open mic option or your favorite songs, which may extend it longer. Only one standard set can be scheduled per day. A mini-set was created to serve retirement communities where a one hour set is desirable. More than one mini-set may be scheduled on the same day, with a two hour break in between sets.

 Setup: Please allow thirty minutes setup/tear down time for small PA (Public Address) systems and two hours each way for the large PA. Setup cost is included in the set price for small PA systems.

Influences: While I can’t list songs I perform that were created or performed by other artists I can tell you who some of my strongest influences are starting with three girls, Kat Edmonson, Nora Jones and Sarah Mc Lachlan, three boys… Bob Dylan, James Taylor and Ray Charles, three groups… Beatles, Dan Hicks and Simon & Garfunkel, three genre mixes… rock/pop, blues/jazz and folk/country.

Beliefs: I believe music should stimulate and embrace the soul, but not offend it. I believe all musical artists are entitled to their opinions, but their audience is entitled to music free of politics. I believe the greatest ideas are expressed with the least profanity. I believe God’s church is all around us. This is my comfort zone for music and life.