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Camas Valley, located just out of Springdale in eastern Washington, is my home. That’s where the name ‘Camas Winds Music’ comes from.

A fifty mile radius reaches Colville, Davenport, Newport and a great deal of Spokane, Washington. Across the river from Newport, Washington lies Old Town, Idaho. Five days a month my contracting work takes me to Tri Cities, Washington (Richland, Pasco and Kennewick). When there I often play music at Howard Amon park and while there I am within fifty miles of many more locations.

If possible, I intend to coordinate micro-tours around the region playing a sequence of locations on consecutive days to bring music to more areas. I welcome your input to assess local demand along tour routes. Prohibitive travel costs may be greatly reduced through such measures.

My travels reveal an amazing wealth of musical talent just below the surface. Summertime air fills with music festivals where advanced artists share their passion center stage and local talents aspire to express their message on the ‘open mic’ stage.

 I believe there’s an appetite for local music year around, so the plan is to explore fresh and affordable ways to allow modest establishments to serve that demand. Additionally, including an open mic along with live music at private events enhances the experience for the guests and that reflects favorably on the host.

 Some live band and karaoke sets provide an open mic during their breaks, but the sound quality often doesn’t match that of the main event.

 This is not the case with my set. Your sound is my sound and someone always checks to see how it happens. It’s simple, I believe the best argument for getting invited to the next event is the people who won’t stop talking about the last one.