Facts is facts

Truth still exists today

But to find it requires rummaging around on the noise floor of too much information, fake information, omitted information, random information, opinion and advertising. People find themselves overwhelmed in their quest.

Enter fact checking to save the day. Websites dedicated to weighing source accuracy, bias, political affiliation, relevance and money (follow the money). Next question, who is checking and funding the checkers? And is their motivation money or truth?

Free Radical Press says 'trust nothing and use your own judgment'. That said, the following link describes the circular spectrum of politics...

Sheep's Clothing (political spectrum)


What fact checkers consider 'no bias' (12 o'clock) is actually about ten-thirty on the political spectrum due to "liberal privilege". So remember the '1.5 hours left Rule' - assume their position is skewed 1.5 hours left (more liberal) and let them prove their objectivity.

Carefully compare the subjective bias of the 9 worst and the 6 best fact checker links below. They prove the point.