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Performing someone else’s song and recording your act for your own contentment is generally acceptable, even flattering, but smiles turn into lawyers when you start selling stock options.

Many major artists no longer own their work, it’s on consignment under contract with management, so they couldn’t give you the rights if they wanted to. It’s not personal.

This is why I can’t list cover songs I perform on a public website and a private website is a diary, not a website.

I have more OP (other people’s and OP = cover) songs in my set than originals. I can’t list them or record them for all of these reasons, plus one more… I can’t use their label to promote my label.

You are welcome to take pictures and videos with your phone, just don’t publish them. They are for your own enjoyment.

In a digital world it gets complicated because there’s no fog line on the edge of the road. I consider it a personal favor if while you share any song I perform you also include recognition of the original artist, as you don’t have a label conflict.

It’s a rule… no swearing on my set.


Set price:

To be discussed

Mileage charges:

Mileage charges are based upon the distance from the U.S. Post Office in Springdale, Washington to the location where your event will take place. The first fifty miles are free, so fifty is subtracted from the distance. After that the distance is rounded down to the nearest ten miles and charged out at one dollar per mile.

Large PA setup fee:

To be discussed

Per diem fee:

To be discussed

Sound production fees:

To be discussed


Insurance and permits:

You are solely responsible for any insurance and/or permit requirements necessary.

Reservations and refunds:

To be discussed