Want to be part of a family of writers and musicians sharing talent and feedback to create magic? Not quite ready yet? When facing the choice of waiting for someday or seizing the moment what will you do?


Whether you write, play, sing or just listen there is a place for you here. Maybe you prefer to contribute behind the scenes rather than perform in public. You get to choose the dance and your partner/s.


The goal is to finish, to reach and achieve. To move ideas and talent to production, whether its recording or live performance at an open mic event. After that whatever happens, happens.

This is the first home of the CWM Songwriters Therapy Group. It's a labor of love. This is our camp. No leader, no dues, nothing established or set in stone, we are our own focus and support group. We are the network and we are the open mic. Come and go as you please but give of yourself when you're here, just as others give of themselves to you.

There is much to do... writing, playing, scrubbing, refining, mixing, recording and performing. Everyone brings something to the table as we draw from each other and ourselves. We will establish a standard project contract with agreed compensation in the event of success and each team member will sign it. The industry terms will be clear and fair.

The business of music is expensive. The more you can achieve in-house the less you spend on outside resources and talent. Our mission statement is simple... we are not here to talk about music, we are here to create it. That's our focus, it's our intent and we do it because 'music'. If this sounds like you, you need to act now by contacting me.

Carpe diem (seize the day)