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Crazy Uncle Steve - 02/04/2018

They say wolves and swans mate for life...

But some people don't believe in a swan-wolf relationship

Are you being censored?

Censored tweets show up as failed tweets and get moved to your drafts folder at twitter, but they're not easy to get to

At least I couldn't find them, except through my smartphone

So I tweeted the method as follows...

1. Your censored tweets are held in your 'drafts'

2. See drafts from your smartphone by forcing a tweet to fail

3. Copy the link below

4. Remove the space between papers and .org

5. Tweet it

6. Your tweet fails

7. Tweet again

8. Select drafts

http://thefederalistpapers .org

For love of Brie

A pristine kite climbing high

Run and run and watch her fly

Grace and excitement in the sky Strings will be strings sometimes they break

Depart your heart away she takes

New drafts chosen to navigate

Moment's pause in moistened eye

A smile's halting sigh

awaiting newest tweet...

According to your line of logic jake, you're not a jackass unless you live on a farm, but I assure you that's not the case in the eyes of America

Momma should've told you that

(jake tapper)

Editor's note:

Some names are not capitalized as a reflection of respect, as in they don't deserve mine


My legislator...

'We're spending billions and billions every year to try to save millions and I think we're doing a pretty good job at it.'

And she wonders why I worry

checks go out today

One for membership to keep the good fight One to focus on AG for People's

Republic of Washington, Bob Ferguson, to curb his unlawful sanctuary endeavors 10th Amendment works

Bob, you should read it

Hey people receiving more income and bonuses from the Trump tax reform...

A fictitious, no anonymous source alleges California Gov. Moonbeam is starting a GoFundMe page to bail out green energy & climate change

According to the energy subsidies, the account is needed

The tweet that follows was CENSORED by twitter on 02/05/2018

Once reference to thefederalistpapers.org was removed, the tweet was allowed to post

BS (Barack Speak) said government should assume student loans so Harvard graduate liberals could pay off their Political Science community activist degrees while working at Taco Bell

The real motivation was


Not picking on anyone's religion, but any prophets who came after the fact are backseat drivers

Does faith dictate that non-believers must convert or die, women are property, children fair game, lying is ok and holy war is righteous?

Or is it prophecy of a jackass?

Valid federal ID as non-citizens is the answer for all non-citizens, except those in the process of naturalization, who should have immigrant ID with preference over non-citizens regarding any available government benefits

Non-citizen = no vote or assistance

Where we are right now is evidence of voter fraud, as corruption rained down throughout the last administration's 8 year reign

Voter ID = flood insurance

And should include bio-metric chip confirmation to filter out dampness

Beauty and confidence start inside

It's not that the VD hats have nothing better to do with their time

It's that their ugly bitterness has repelled anything better they might have to do with their time

So they're angry at everyone with better things to do

Coveting is ugly

Broken government accelerated with introduction of public unions, protected employment and wages exceeding private sector equivalent

Career bureaucratic job security regardless of corruption and incompetence was legislated in stone

Congress again and again and again...



Italian targets African migrants in retaliation for the murder of a young Italian woman

Ok for immigrants to murder, not ok for citizens to retaliate

I'm siding with La Cosa Nostra on this one

And any other national patriots

Immigrant criminals should pay


Updates indicate the Italian perpetrator is a Neo-nazi fascist, which discredits the retaliation theory

So again we have Neo-nazis carrying the water for PC government injustice, effectively protecting pro-refugee priority over the legitimate safety concerns of the public

Zaevion Dobson lived as a good man and a hero, and died on December 17th, 2015 shielding three girls from gunfire with his body

Three cowards were sentenced to life plus and their attorneys think they deserve more leniency

They deserve the leniency Zaevion got, nothing more


If you don't get

You miss out on things like zombie campaigns, moments and people in history, civics and cultural events at home and abroad

viewers are better prepared and informed

It's like but for news

Trust but verify

Which of our elected officials believe zombie campaigns are a good idea?

Given Article 1, who exactly does Congress think should be addressing this issue, assuming they believe it is an issue?

Campaigns need to close by end of term and post legitimate legal action

Benghazi arms

Sold to Syrian terrorists

By Hillary Clinton And Sidney Blumenthal

For Barack Obama

Four patriot deaths

Blamed on Youtube

By Susan Rice

Now it's confirmed

Our terrorists

With Libian arms are

Killing women and kids

In Syria

"What difference does it make?"

The 'Northern Triangle' is the logical conclusion of weak laws, gangs and drug cartels that were never stopped

Should we promote those policies here?


Are you aware of UN Agenda21, Progressive/Alinsky attack on America, Cloward & Piven, Class baiting, Election fraud and Big government sprawl?

The appearance of a market, to shield crony capitalism from anti-trust regulation...

Is a facade.

The Communist and Socialist parties of America have never been able to gain credible support in a national election

Americans reject communism and socialism

Wealthy folks are entitled to the fruits of their labor

Just as I'm entitled to mine

If you spend your life coveting other's, you'll die miserable

All boats rise with the tide

It's not good enough for Bernie Sanders

Because cruise ships represent wealth

Cruise ships carry more people to better places than communism

You finally get to experience economic expansion in your lifetime

This is "trickle down"

Socialists tried to hide it


Global warming is the flagship of the global socialist movement

It serves and covers all manner of sins

Guns don't kill people

Liberal policies do

We watch FAKE NEWS because we love the products they sell and to be lied to


'Public assistance stimulates the economy' - Nancy Pelosi

That's incredibly stupid

People take the wall wrong

It's not to disrespect Mexico

It's to stop drugs, arms, human exploitation and illegal crossings

Which makes visitors more welcome and appreciated

So cultures can exchange in a joyful manner, making tourism better on both sides of the border

Comforting thought 2018...

In a self-driving car you have a 94% chance of reaching your destination alive

So if you've completed 94 safe trips, I suggest taking a taxi six times

Just saying

Before December 7th 1941, Japan wanted US to supply fuel for a Japanese attack on China and we refused

Then Pearl Harbor happened

Then Hiroshima and Nagasaki happened

So go ahead China...

We'll all be friends again in 50 years


We actually can fix stupid

Government only requires single redundancy

Double redundancy with evacuation costs a lot but secures the solution and industry could afford it for the fines

900' drilling moved off the coast of Brazil at 2700'...

Without an environmental peep

That's the truth of green $

Progressive infiltration is irresponsibly misunderstood

It's most dangerous and least flashy

As we focus on sexual conduct, gender stress, immigration and corruption...

Progressive erosion slips silently in the back door to steal our sovereignty

Drugs = $

$ = Corruption

Corruption = political power

Political power = elected politicians

Elected politicians = soft drug policy

Soft drug policy = more drugs

It's the political "Circle of Life" and why politicians get rich off of modest incomes

1 Mics & cameras are input devices we see and hear because of feedback programming...

Unless such programming is omitted

2 A speaker can be a microphone if the right circuitry exists

3 Sound & motion vibrations and movement cuircuitry is present

4 Location is too

Feel safe?

While subjects of the People's Republic of Washington were sleeping, progressives gained majorities in the State House, Senate and retained the POS (Pride of Our State) Enslee as Governor

He's a nut job without merit

Hard to fight the dead vote with the missing military...

Identity fluid

Yesterday I was a park bench with sky blue powder coat

Today I'm an African tree bark virus...

Damn the pesticides


Identity fluid...

Wednesday I was a Mandarin lampshade

Tuesday I was a vacuum and that sucked