Used gear

LB02 front 1328x747
LB02 back 1328x747

Music is a horse trading business. You end up with surplus equipment and cables. So you trade this and pick up that as you go. All gear is offered 'as-is'. We can split the standard shipping.

These two little amps I keep in CLC bags. I bought them used for about $225 each, with my 'Starving Artist Discount' (SAD). They are loaded with features. One amp has an issue with the headphones jack. It will be factory repaired prior to sale. The other has a mark on the side (hidden by an NRA sticker). Gain and volume knobs sound dusty but they are not and they work fine. So they're not perfect, but they are strong, little used and you can have either one for $155.00 (which is about $20.00 off the current 'used gear' price).

You can read more about them at

There's a Sure PSM200 wireless personal monitor system, including Transmixer, receiver, Sony earphones (replaceable earbud) and power supply. The PSM200 preceded the PSM300 system. I'll let it all go for $300.00.

I also have some cables:

1 - Livewire 8-channel Hi-Definition recording 10 foot snake $25.00.

2 - XLR - out to 1/4 TRS in by 20 foot $5.00 each.

1 - M-Audio MIDI to USB adapter $20.00.

Please search these items for current sale prices to compare with. Please keep in mind that we're splitting the shipping and reasonable offers are considered.

For artists starting out... even prudent and careful musicians end up with extra gear and once it's used once, it's used.

See pictures below. See Gallery for larger details.

Sure PSM200d 1328x747
Livewire snake 1328x747
Sure PSM200c 1328x747
XLR out to TRS in x 20 1328x747
Sure PSM200a 1328x747
M-Audio MIDI to USB 1328x747