US Military

Sometimes those who defend us

Need someone to step up for them and shed light on their story. Sometimes the fog of war and politics serves injustice. We must stand for them.

He fought for us. Will we fight for him?

These links tell the story of US Army National Guard Sergeant Derrick Miller.

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The Fight to Free Army Sgt Derrick Miller – Imprisoned for Life for Saving Lives

Here's an article from the UK' Daily Mail news.

US Army guardsman Derrick Miller sentenced to life for Afghan civilian murder | Daily Mail Online

US soldiers under President Barack Obama faced extraordinary threats from political policies that put their lives more at risk than necessary.

This affected the morale readiness and mental stress of our soldiers.

Tighter rules of engagement contributed to US casualty rate in Afghanistan – report — RT US News

At the same time, speculation grew over the expectation of leniency toward traitors, deserters and transgenders.

Speculation Over Possible Obama Pardon of Edward Snowden, Bowe Bergdahl and Chelsea Manning | Breitbart

But Sergeant Derrick Miller happened to be a soldier who didn't fit neatly or politically into one of those categories.

Was his conviction influenced by political bias of an administration who seemed apathetic toward the military and police? Good question, but a better question is why should Sergeant Derrick Miller have to pay the price for it.